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Only By Evie is a company that teaches women of all ages and ethnicities to recognize their beauty and to use makeup only to enhance their features. At the age of 16, I found my passion and instant love of makeup; particularly how it could make any woman feel more empowered if done well. Everything about it fascinated me; from the textures, the blending, to the creativity that came from my hands and ideas to the face which I saw as a canvas.


With my love of makeup I also became troubled by the abuse of it and the many wrong things women did when applying their makeup. Instead of enhancing, they would hide or draw attention to areas that weren’t presented well. These acts truly inspired me to become a makeup artist.


In 2010 I was blessed with the ability to start my own makeup artistry company. During this time I worked with several talented photographers and really began to love the art of capturing timeless memories which launched me to study photography. I learned the techniques of capturing compositions that could speak louder than any words could.


After experimenting with my camera for three years, and teaching myself how to truly capture my art the way I envisioned it to be, I decided to officially branch out and add photography to my business portfolio. I am so happy I did!


I truly have a passion for life and strive for those who come in contact with my makeup brush and my camera lens to feel that passion and care I have for them. My number one priority is helping everyone radiate on the outside the beauty that they already have on the inside.

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